Gemini, Google’s Latest Move, Renames Bard AI with a Makeover


In a recent announcement, Google has unveiled Gemini, a new artificial intelligence app that is available for free.


Google is intensifying its focus on artificial intelligence by introducing “Gemini,” a new application that is free of charge and intended to automate tasks and reduce reliance on human decision-making. This app is a replacement for the “Bard” chatbot, which was introduced a year ago, and it aims to surpass competitors such as ChatGPT from OpenAI, a startup supported by Microsoft, by providing more advanced features.

Gemini, available on Android and the web, offers a range of functionalities such as writing assistance, text interpretation, and code debugging. Google highlights the app’s comprehensive safety evaluations and extensive capabilities, labeling it as “our most proficient collection of models.”

Sissie Hsiao, a Google general manager responsible for Gemini, expressed her belief that this would be a significant step towards achieving their mission during a press briefing before Thursday’s announcement.

The Gemini is specifically engineered for:

Writing assistance: Gemini offers support in writing tasks such as drafting emails, creating compelling content, and providing translation services for different languages.

Understanding information: If you come across something that you’re unsure about, Gemini has the ability to analyze the text and offer summaries or explanations.

Streamline tasks: Gemini strives to be your personal AI assistant, helping you with everything from troubleshooting code to getting ready for job interviews.

Although there is a free option available, Google also provides a paid version called “Gemini Advanced” for a monthly fee of $20. This upgraded plan includes two terabytes of cloud storage and grants users access to additional advanced functionalities.

The introduction of this new product increases the rivalry between Google and Microsoft in the field of artificial intelligence. Each company has confidence in their AI solutions to enhance creativity and efficiency.

Google intends to incorporate the functionality of Gemini into its current search application for iPhones, potentially posing a challenge to Apple’s Siri voice assistant.

Gemini, a free platform with ambitious functionalities, aspires to be a game-changer for everyday users. Its potential to surpass Microsoft’s ChatGPT and revolutionize our interaction with technology is yet to be determined.