Ukraine’s Interior Ministry Leadership Killed in Devastating Helicopter Crash


Eighteen individuals have passed away as a result of a helicopter crash that occurred next to a nursery in an eastern suburb of the capital city of Kyiv. Among the deceased was Ukraine’s interior affairs minister.


Three children were among those who passed away, and 15 individuals are receiving medical treatment in a hospital. The minister, Denys Monastyrsky, was in the company of eight others in the helicopter that crashed. According to officials, the first deputy minister and the state secretary also perished when the helicopter went down in the suburb of Brovary.

The interior minister, who was 42 years old and a prominent member of President Volodymy Zelensky’s cabinet, played a crucial role in providing updates on the casualties caused by Russian missile strikes since Ukraine was invaded in February 2022. National police chief Ihor Klymenko stated on Facebook that the helicopter involved in the crash belonged to Ukraine’s state emergency service. This is the most significant Ukrainian casualty since Russia’s war began, but there is no evidence suggesting that the crash was anything other than an accident. The deputy head of Ukraine’s presidential office, Kyrylo Tymoshenko, stated that the minister was on his way to a war “hot spot” when the helicopter went down.

Oleksiy Kuleba, the head of Kyiv’s regional military administration, stated that the Brovary tragedy resulted in 18 fatalities and 29 injuries. Following the crash, a fire erupted near the kindergarten, prompting the evacuation of the children and staff from the building. Remains of the helicopter were visible outside a burning structure